B.C. Lottery Corp. VP Resigns amidst Investigation

Photo Credit: The Globe and Mail
Vice President of B.C. Lottery Corp., Robert Kroeker has stepped down amidst allegations to “ease up” on regulations of anti-money laundering and “allow dirty money to flow into casinos”.
A statement was released by B.C. Lottery Corp. saying that Kroeker “has left  BCLC”. There is not yet a reason given as to why Kroeker has stepped down, the public inquiry is expected to take place this fall. Kroeker, a lawyer by profession, has held numerous noteworthy oversight roles in the British Columbia Province’s economy and was one of Province’s top anti-money laundering officials.
Several whistleblower sources plan to come forth and testify against B.C. Lottery Corp. claiming that it turned a blind eye to dirty money.


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  1. Sam

    Definitely something fishy going on!

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