Old Way Is The New Way

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Recently there have been a number of fraud cases around Calgary.

Fraudsters are using landlines to target their victims. It works as such; when a call on a landline is hung up by one of the parties, the line is still live as the second party has not put down the phone.

The fraudsters will pretend they are calling from a bank and will ask the individual to confirm few details and/or make a quick transaction over the phone. If the person starts questioning the caller, they are prompted to call the number at the back of the bank card/ credit card.

When the person hangs up and calls the number, the first caller is still on line and is able to listen in on the call and record all the private information. On the other hand, if the individual were to use a smart-phone, there is no chance for a second party to tap into a call.

According to an article, Fraudsters targeting landlines in new bank scam: Calgary police by Jodi Hughes, since 2017, the fraud amount is more than $917,000.

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  1. Sam

    That’s shocking! I guess we should always use a different phone to confirm with the bank. Thanks for this post Saad!

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