Daughter of Angolan Kleptocrat Owns £13 Million Mansion in London

Isabel Dos Santos
Photo credit: arrajol.com
Isabel Dos Santos, daughter of Angola’s former President owns a mansion in one of the most secretive gated communities in Britain; Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is an inner London borough with royal status. It is the smallest borough in London and the second smallest district in England.
Isabel likes to portray herself as a self-made entrepreneur, however, history and facts dictate otherwise. She is the daughter of former Kleptocrat President who is said to have built his wealth by stealing from the poor and making friends with the rich, the reversal of the Robin Hood method.
She and her husband, Sindika Dokolo, an art collector, have been married for 17 years and have invested in London. Their illegal activities would have remained concealed if they hadn’t planned to bulldoze their current home in London and build a four-storey “iceberg” objected by their neighbours in the gated community. Neighbours cited that the development would ’cause major disruption’ adding that Dos Santos’s presence would also prove unpopular.
“Local residents walk through our gardens and despite differences in class and wealth, we all get along.” The proposal to pull down the existing [property] and replace it with [a mansion for] Isabel dos Santos, will create resentment, divisiveness and poor community feeling.”
Many neighbours also claim they have never seen anyone entering or leaving the house since it was purchased.
The property is listed in the UK Land Registry, and the title deeds show the owner as Wilkson Properties Limited, a company incorporated in the Isle of Man. This puts the property under the umbrella of a tax haven firm. The house was bought for £8.65 million in 2007 and according to Zoopla, the value has since sky rocketed to £13.3 million today.
Initially the council had rejected the proposal to bring down the property and rebuild it, however after an appeal from Isabel’s architects, permission has since been granted.
Another classic case of where money talks and bodies in charge of investigating the activities by grant safe way by standing idle and turning a blind eye.
No doubt there are financial institutions used to launder illegal money out of Angola and into major markets such as London. This is just one property that was uncovered, according UK authorities there are multiple high end properties purchased with illegal money in London for Isabel and this is just the beginning of their crack down.

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